Friday, January 18, 2008

WSJ Critiques The Church's Use Of Discipline

I linked to a story reported on by the Wall Street Journal concerning Church discipline on my "In the news" section as posted by Denny Burk. Tim Ellsworth has picked this up and wrote a little concerning it.

You can read on Tim's blog here.
You can read on Denny's blog here.
You can get some biblical insight on Church discipline here.
You can read the original story in the Wall Stree Journal here.

Some questions:
-Is discipline required for a church to be a true church?
-What does scripture teach concerning discipline?
-If discipline is ignored, is it sin?
-Can a church be a truly healthy church and not practice discipline?

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pastorbrianculver said...

I think there must be church discipline. I have seen too often the destroyed mess left from a church full of hypocrites who have openly flaunted sin in the face of the church and nothing was done about it.

if a church does not confront sin, it is not a healthy church