Friday, January 25, 2008

The Lord Gave & The Lord Has Taken Away; Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord

Imagine with me if you will, you are a missionary called by God to speak truth to the indigenous peoples of third world countries. Now imagine you have a wife and kids and they support you in all your endeavors to see the Gospel reach those who have never heard it in hopes that God may save some. God has truly blessed you and equipped you for your work beyond your wildest dreams and He continues to bless you through the ministry of your wife and children.

Isn’t that a great picture of what the gospel is to look like? A husband being obedient to God, a wife supporting her husband and the Lord blessing them with children and many are coming to know the Lord through their work; isn't that a great picture of the gospel according to Ephesians 5?

That was the life and story of a young man who dedicated his entire being to spreading the Gospel. Now the circumstances have changed. This young man’s family was left behind in the states while he went back over on a two week trip to the land where God had called them. One thing occurred that will change this young man's life forever. His wife was in a car wreck which took her life but miraculously the children were spared. He traveled over 2 days to get back to the states not knowing of these events. He traveled unaware of the fate that had befallen his wife. Death is a terrible enemy. His life will never be the same. Greeted at the airport, not by his wife and children, but by the deacons of his church. I can only imagine the look on his face when he heard the news. I can only imagine the amount of tears he has shed since the news reached his ears in that airport terminal.

What to do? How do you comfort one who just lost their bride? How do you comfort the one who’s entire world has been turned upside down? What words can man utter that would lesson the pain?

This young man has his faith being put to the test. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Does that really make it any easier to swallow?

My prayer for this young man is as follows:
May the Lord who is gracious and merciful to us; may the Lord who saw fit to allow us to hope in something more than the blood of goats and bulls; may the Lord who has indeed blessed us with a hope of something far greater than any earthly good see fit to grant you great grace during this time of trial. May the Lord of all things, both in Heaven and Earth and below the Earth, see fit to grant you peace that withstands the onslaught of doubt and fear. May our God who unanimously defeated Satan, sin, and death grant you comfort not known to common man so that you may be given to trust in His plans more so than your feeble understanding. May the God who gives and takes away see fit to honor Himself and bring Himself much glory by the work of your hands in your obedient trust in faith that He indeed knows what is best for you. May the Lord grant you much discernment during this time of great grieving and may that feed your passion all the more for the cause of Christ as He is truly gracious and merciful to us in that He sent His Son to die for an undeserving people to call His own.

You, your children, and your ministry will remain in my prayers to the only One who can truly comfort you during this time of great tribulation. May your faith and endurance be an encouragment to Christians the world over until the Lord Himself returns to gather up His own. May God grant you much peace my brother.

You can read more particulars here.

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Glenna Marshall said...

I knew Amber, not well, but I knew her. We have emailed back and forth over the past year because we have much in common, and what I knew of her blessed me so very much.
I don't mourn for her because she rests safe in the arms of Christ.

But, I really, really struggle when I think of Anthony and the children. That, along with some personal hardships, have really shaken me this week. I find myself clinging to the promises of God, holding on to the fact that He IS goodness,defined. Sometimes it's so hard to see it, though. But, what I keep saying to myself, preaching to myself, is that He is still on the throne. He is still in control. He is still faithful and good and He does all things well.
It is with much humility and grace (from the Lord) that I am able to say: blessed the name of the Lord.