Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Teamwork With Johnny & Chachi

I don't know why I am so intrigued by this video but it has held me captive for over a week and I still smile when I watch it; I guess it is my type of comedy. It was on the list of top 2007 YouTube videos as rated by Denny Burk (the best of 2007 post below). I can't say I understand the point of it and after looking into their "ministry" I can only conclude that they intend to use satire to cause people to think. I find satire more effective sometimes than I do straight truth as you can gain a wider audience who will listen and may not understand until a later time. Anways, watch below and check out some of their other videos- especially the World News Today Interview.


Roland said...

Pretty Cool!
But what would this guy think:

B Nettles said...

Seeing that reminded me of Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" album from the early '70s. He played all the instruments. Eventually the main theme was picked up for the movie "The Exorcist."

Oh, yeah. Steve Wonder played all the instruments and sang the vocals on his albums, too.