Friday, January 11, 2008

Right To Know: Should Adoptees Have It?

A married couple have had their union annulled - after discovering they were twins.
The twins were separated at birth and not told they had any siblings. They were adopted by different families, and - amazingly - as adults they met, fell in love and married.
The High Court ruled the marriage had never been valid and annulled it.

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-Should those who have been given over for adoption be allowed access to their birth records and given knowledge of their siblings?
-Can you imagine the finding out that you married your sibling? Ughh... (shiver)


Pastor Klay said...

That Lord Alton sounds like a great guy. Excellent argument that knowing your origins is a fundamental "human right."

pastorbrianculver said...

I have a son that I adopted and I also know a friend who was adopted. I do think they have a right to know their backgroud. If I die and my son later on has health problems, it would be good for him to know his background. My friend has a skin disease and it helped her to be able to talk to her birth dad so it brought her comfort to know she will be okay!