Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bigfoot Found... On Mars!

I have proof!

You can view it here.
The original NASA image can be found here. (see if you can find it).

No questions will be taken at this time.


I did not want to have to do this, but I had to bring out the comparison chart. See below.

Please note the similarities:

1. Both are blurry. (this is a common trait amongst bigfoots and is the most compelling and common feature they have).

2. Both are pictured as walking (this too is common amongst bigfoots).

3. Notice how both are posing and in the process of looking towards the camera. This is often the gaze earth bigfoots give when photographed. It is good to know that this carries over to other planets as well.

4. Also take note of their pose. Like humans, they too have symbols they like to give in photographs. Often times we give peace symbols or gang symbols, well they raise an arm. The meaning is yet to be known.

Now, notice the differences:

1. This is the only difference and can be explained scientifically: One is over 6 feet tall while the other is only 2 inches tall. This is a product of the Martian atmospheric pressure as compared to the pressure on Earth. Very simple really.


B Nettles said...

It's obvious to me that it's a statue commemorating Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount. I just don't know who put it there. And why would they make it so small? (Oops, that was a question.)

j razz said...

I still say it has the likeness of Bigfoot, but like you, I can only shake my head at the size of that thing. I always thought Bigfoot was bigger than 2 inches tall. I guess that shows what I know.

j razz

Timm said...

How do you know those aren't just very tall rocks?

You silly scientific types assume you know all the details.

j razz said...

How do you know those aren't just very tall rocks?

If so, the Mars rover that snapped that picture would have to be the size of some modern day aircraft carriers!

Take a look at the linked picture from Nasa.

j razz

Timm said...

Point taken.

It's like a game of "wheres waldo." I wonder how many other shadow puppets we can find on that picture.

Good thing I chose to scroll down rather than scroll right. I might have never found it otherwise.

j razz said...

It's funny you should ask Timm. I found a humanoid shaped object directly to the Bigfoot's left almost to the very edge. You can see it better if you zoom in to about 150-200%. It looks like Bigfoot is being stalked. :)

j razz