Sunday, January 27, 2008

Abortion: A Thing Of Which To Celebrate!

Denny Burk picked up on this article that has since been removed from Yale Daily News and replaced with an explanation of why the week long event was held.

Students who walked into WLH 119 on Tuesday night were greeted with models of the female pelvis complete with fallopian tubes, cervixes, vaginas — and papayas on which to perform mock abortions. . .
The presenters began by showing the students different surgical tools used during different stages of a pregnancy and ticking off statistics about the safety and number of abortions performed in the United States. Eighty-five percent of counties in America do not have any abortion providers, Evans said.
Evans and Rasha Khoury MED ‘08, another member of Medical Students for Choice, who said she plans to become a gynecologist and expects to perform abortions, went on to describe one of the most common abortion procedures, manual vacuum aspiration, which “creates suction to evacuate pregnancy,” Evans said. The technique is a good option because the device involved is reusable and relatively cheap, she said.

You can read more here.
You can read the actual story picked up by Free Republic (b/c Yale tooke it down) here.
You can read the "clarification" for why the event took place here.

Some questions:
-Should abortion be a thing that we come together over and celebrate by performing mock abortions?
-What thoughts come to mind when you read the excerpt above?
-If you are for abortion rights, do you find the above commendable?
-What do you think of the "clarification" and the need to clarify?
-Would you ever throw a party like this?


pastorbrianculver said...

reminds me of the old days of throwing people into the lions den to watch them be killed. What a sport that was! Not sure there is a difference here. I do not understand the need to have a "right" to kill a baby. Just because it is in the body of the woman, it is still a baby. Let's see, a man and a woman get married and become one. Uh oh, she gets mad at him and since they are one, she wants to have a right to kill him. He is unwanted. Makes no sense whatsoever.

can you tell I am not a fan of abortions??

Glenna Marshall said...

this is just horrific.

Laz said...

One has to wonder how much enthusiasm these people would show(if any)had a presentation be made regarding what goes in slaughterhouses?

Would we see them line up to become slaughterhouse workers? Butchers perhaps?