Thursday, January 3, 2008

Top 5 Websites You Visit

What are the top 5 websites that you most often frequent?

My 5 are as follows:

1. Google personalized home page
2. j razz creations home page
3. Sony Creative Software
4. Tim Ellsworth
5. Dealnews


misawa said...

1. Google home page
2. Atlanta Journal Constitution
3. Fox News
4. Gamespot
5. Georgia Packing

Pastor Klay said...

I clicked Sony Creative link and saw that they were talking about the Blu Ray news. Looks like the war is about over.

My top five:

1. Yahoo Home Page & Mail
3. ESPN College Football
4. Blog & Links
5. IP Address Tracker

j razz said...

It may be close to over (HD Format War) but Toshiba has yet to respond to Warner Brothers picking BluRay. If Toshiba can get a major studio to side with them then they may be back in the playing field but if that fails to happen then I think it may be the final straw.

We also can't forget that Bill Gates has a stick in the fire too as he uses HD DVD for his xbox 360 machine and if HD DVD was removed from the consumer market as a video format, you can expect that the xbox 360 will lose some profits and the sony ps3 will gain some as it uses bluray technology.

j razz

j razz said...

Klay, what do you use ip address tracker for? Are you stalking people :)

j razz