Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Iron My Shirt!

Hillary Clinton said in a speech while in Salem New Hampshire, "Everybody in this race is talking about change. But what does that mean?"

A man stood up from among the audience and yelled, "Iron my shirt!" while unfolding and displaying a sign that stated the same. He said it over and over again until the lights were ordered on and the man and another man standing with him were removed from the audience.

Clinton stated, "“Oh, the remnants of sexism are alive and well".

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-What does this say about how far we have come since woman's suffrage?
-Is America really ready to have a woman take control of the country?
-Could a woman bring something positive to the White House that a man could not?
-Would a woman be weaker as Commander-in-Chief?
-Does the Bible have any bearing on those who will vote in this election? Particularly concerning the woman being the weaker vessel? What about a woman being in a position of authority over a man? Should these things influence a Christian's vote or is that to stay within the confines of the church?


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B Nettles said...

You may call me cynical, but I'm just being a realist about the Clinton's.

I think it was a political set up.

Timm said...

I'm in a unique situation when it comes to this topic. The most "sexist" person in my family is my wife. She doesn't believe that a woman belongs in the workplace, let alone the presidency.

I give a little more slack than her, but My beliefs lie some what along the same lines. I believe that God made Men and Women differently. With different general strengths and weaknesses.

Here's where I differ from my Wife. Hillary's child is grown up and out of the house. My wife would tell you that Hillary should then stay home and take care of Bill. I think that Bill is a big boy and can take care of himself. Hillary has some room now to pursue her own career endeavors. Not that I would vote for her.

Don't think that my wife is crazy. :)

Rachel said...


I agree with you. I can tell you as a woman in an engineering field, I am the minority. I can also pull my own weight in my field, which is a really small minority. And I will be the first to tell you, most women DO NOT belong in the work place. I am not always sure I belong in the workplace, but I also know God has given me a gift for math and science and right now, while I don't have children, it would be wrong to not use those gifts. Once MikeT and I have kids, I quit and stay at home with the kids, no matter where my career is. MikeT and I also know that if something happened to him, I can take care of my children financially with the field I went into when I graduated. Him knowing that gives him some peace of mind, not that we think anything is going to happen to him.

Proverbs actually mentions a woman working. The problem with today is children are sacrificed for the woman's career and I find this sick and perverted. Very rarely can you find work that can be done at home, or at least you can't in this area. My sister just graduated and moved away from home, so my mom who has been a stay at home/homeschooling mom is now free. For now, she is at home, going through all our home school books and deciding what to donate, what to keep, what to give away, and what should be trashed. She also has a list of sewing projects that she has been wanting to do for years. She is getting caught up, but she went back to college and finished her college degree, while my sister was in college. My dad also knows if anything happened to him, my mom would be OK, without having to depend solely on her kids. The mother has a duty at home, her kids should not take a back seat. As to after that, I think the husband and wife should work that out together. And, I don't think your wife is crazy.

As to Hillary for office... I will just give one word. Yikes! Not because she is a woman, which I am not comfortable with a woman leading our country, but Hillary herself scares me beyond all reason. She definitely is not Margaret Thatcher.

Rachel said...

I should mention that Margaret Thatcher wasn't perfect, that is not what I was implying, don't start beating me up for some of her views that were wrong. :)