Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Get Off The Couch, You're Starting To Look Older!

Being a couch potato in your free time could make you a decade older biologically than someone who is physically active, according to a major study of people's "chromosomal clocks".

On average, the least active (getting just 16 minutes exercise a week) had telomeres 200 base pairs shorter than the most active (exercising 3 hours a week), which translates to them being about 10 years biologically older.

The team previously showed that smoking and obesity can shorten telomere length to the equivalent of 10 years. But they found that exercise and telomere length were linked independently of whether people smoked or were overweight.

Tim Spector and his collegues put in the time and research to draw this conclusion.

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-Does this motiviate you to be more active?
-What does sitting at a desk all day do to you?
-Why do you think people don't exercise regularly?

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Glenna Marshall said...

I think people don't exercise because it is something that requires discipline...a thing most of us struggle to attain. We are lazy! :) Every day thay I exercise, it is always a struggle to drag myself to the gym. But, when I leave, I'm really glad I did it. Why is that?