Thursday, January 10, 2008

Politics Through The Eyes Of Women

I call CitizenJane Politics "The Modern Girls' Guide to Picking the Leaders of the Free World" because that's exactly what it's designed to be. This is where you can find plain-English answers to where the candidates really stand on issues. You can also find out when and where to vote, what all that political jargon means, and whether there's a debate next week that you might want to watch on TV. Finally, you'll see politics through the eyes of women instead of the eyes of men. God love 'em, but why are men most of the voices in the political conversation when women are most of the voters?

There is one page, the extra credit page of Citizen Jane Politics that has some good links concerning politics and the presidential election.

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-Citizen Jane Politics makes the claim that they are non-partisan and independent, but they also claim it is written "through the eyes of women", do you think this skews anything?
-While reviewing Citizen Jane Politics, does the content seem particularly woman oriented?
-Is politics politics regardless of who is reporting on it in the context of male and female?

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Fungi said...

Let's remember that men dominate political representation, staffs, commentary, and the rest of politics. Maybe you could rationalize this away 30 years ago, but today it's just silly.

Which is why I think just asking questions like "Why should women vote for you?" is helpful.