Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Day In The Neighborhood

1. Challies has been labeled a Fundamentalist and found solice in Psalm 19.
2. Coffee Refills is going with a snow them over the past couple posts (at least she is updating).
3. Denny Burk is looking at the connection between Obama's church and Louis Farrakhan.
4. GalationsC4V16 is clearing up misunderstandings concerning Christianity.
5. Last Row is dealing with the claims of UK atheists who say they are "Cultural Christians".
6. Misawa has posted a riveting video detailing a 911 call and questions the Brady campaign.
7. Not Your Typical Negro is discussing gay rights (but has not updated since November).
8. Oversight Of Souls will be out of pocket for a while as he is training over 60 pastors in Nepal.
9. Physics Ramblings is discussing Newtonian Perihelions, whatever those are.
10. Please Don't Call Me For Advice is doing some self reflection (no pun intended).
11. Sword & Trowel has added a new contributor to their ranks.
12. The Bench Stone (formerly The Mind Of A Young Pastor) is discussing salvation.
13. The Silent Holocron is preparing for his next sermon.
14. This Life has given a name to her absence from her blog.
15. Tim Ellsworth is branching out to the air waves (you can listen to him this evening live).
16. Time 2 Change Churches! is witnessing electronically to those of his former fold: Mormons.

And that my friends is what is going on in the neighborhood.


Glenna Marshall said...

Ha! I'm glad today is an off day for me (as far as going to the gym) so I can avoid the self reflection of THAT sort. :)

pastorbrianculver said...

thanks, I like being able to see the list like this.

Timm said...

I agree,that's kind of nice J. I can pick and choose if there are topics that I want to get in on. Thanks.

j razz said...

I have two reasons for doing this: 1. It gives exposure to those who I frequent often and 2. It helps them out with potential visits that they otherwise may not have recieved.

You guys may want to do this on occassion as well as I know I have not visited every link you all have- not because I don't want to, just because I have not been enticed to look.

j razz