Thursday, January 17, 2008

Al Mohler On A Woman As Head Of State

Denny Burk has posted on Dr. Al Mohler and his thoughts on a woman as head of state. Burk said: On Tuesday, Dr. Mohler discussed whether Christians should be concerned with the prospect of having a woman as head of state. He and callers discussed how God-ordained roles for men and women are to be realized in the secular world.

You can listen to the podcast and read more on Denny Burk's site here.

Some questions:
-Should a woman be head of state?
-If a woman stood for your ideals and a man did not, would you vote for the woman?
-Does the Bible speak to this issue? If so, in what context- family? Church? Head of State?
-Is it a sexist position to believe a woman should be limited to certain roles (as well as a man)?

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