Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Stop Reading Your Bible Or Get Off The Bus

A passenger on a Fort Worth bus says the T. Bus Service discriminated against her religion. Christine Lutz says she was reading her Bible to her children when the bus driver asked her to stop or get off the bus.

Christine is a Seventh Day Adventist and refused seeing how it was her sabbath and she was reading the Bible to her children while on the way to their worship service. She states it was a clear case of persecution. The T. Bus Service says it was a clear case of policy. Anyone being loud or abusive will be asked exit the transportation service.

You can read more here.
You can watch the video here.

Some questions:
-Is this a clear cut case of persecution?
-What do you think of the Seventh Day Adventist's views of what it means to be a Christian?
-According to the article, if someone complains or someone is loud enough to distract the driver, then they are asked to stop. If you are reading scripture to your children, do you think you would be so loud as to distract the driver?
-Do you think the lady was for a confrontation?

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B Nettles said...

I read about this at another blogsite. The author there contrasted this with people who talk on their cellphones during the whole bus ride but aren't challenged.

So what do you do? Leave the readers and cellphone talkers alone, or make everybody quiet. What if someone is having polite conversation with their neighbor and the topic of Jesus comes up?

I don't know how loudly she was talking, but unless the policy is NO TALKING, the bus company doesn't have much to go on. I'm all for her.