Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Woman Gets Rich While Abusing 11 Children

Judith Leekin allegedly brought in around 2 million dollars from the state; money given for the care of 11 children but she allegedly used it for personal gain while leaving the children to starve.

Judith Leekin has denied charges of binding, torturing and starving children that she acquired through the state adoption process out of New York. She allegedly used aliases and had welfare payments sent to different banks under different names to keep the scam going and all the while, the children obtained no more than what appeared to be a fourth grade education and they were made to soil themselves as they were not allowed to use the bathroom. All the children had similar scarring around the ankles and wrists giving evidence as to being handcuffed and bound.

Suspicions started mounting when an 18 year old was wondering around a grocery store about 200 miles from her St. Petersburg home. She told police that she had been adopted 13 years ago by Judith Leekin and abandoned there at the grocery store.

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Some questions:
-Why was it so easy for this lady to adopt 11 children and get paid to abuse them while there are plenty of people out there who would give their right arm to have a child but simply can't afford it?
-How should this lady be punished if found guilty via the law?
-How will these children who have no more than a 4th grade education be integrated into society?
-Should the children be compensated for their losses by the state's incompetence as evidenced by the abuses and by giving this lady 11 children to care for?
-How can society stop such gross abuses of the system and of children who get caught up in it?

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