Monday, August 6, 2007

Donate A Towel for Urination

A guy by the name of John Holohan has set up a website where he would like for you to donate money so he can buy towels for usage while urinating.

Here is an excerpt from his website:
I am 25 years old, I am in a wheelchair. Alot of the time I can't use a public bathroom.; If the space and the bar are on the right side. I can't lift my control, and slide my butt over. Plus there is no easy place to put my control.; So most of the time I have to lay a towel across my lap and aim as best as possible.

You can visit the site here.
You can visit his myspace page here.

Some questions:
-How do you feel about donating money to something like this?
-Would you be more willing to send a towel?
-Do you wrestle with the idea of sending something to someone that you do not know has a legit need?
-Should we err on the side of generosity?
-When you have people you don't know asking you for money or help, what do you usually do? Why?

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