Monday, August 13, 2007

Perseids Meteor Shower

My wife and I were entertaining company last night and the other fellow and I got to talking about taking our wives out to see the Perseids after we finished fellowshipping at our home. We took the ladies out and sat and gazed at the heavens in amazement from about 20 miles outside of town. There are so many stars in the sky and you could even see one of the arms of the Milky Way. The night sky: humbling. Awe-inspiring. This beautiful wonder that we can look up and see on a regular basis should point us to a Creator. Imagine if we are humbled and awe-struck at one of the works of His hands, how much more we will be struck with awe when we come before Him! I believe this to be why God gave us beauty to marvel at. Not so the marvel with stop with the created thing, but so that it would lead us back to its origin in God.

Anyways, I plan on going back at some point tonight and taking my camera out to do some long exposures of the night sky. The flow tonight for the Northern Hemisphere is to be around 80 per hour before sunrise. If you get a chance, take some time to look up and marvel at what the Creator has done.


Anonymous said...

I totally missed it! I tried to see it from the house but I guess were too many city lights. Bummer!

j razz said...

Yeah, you missed out on some neat sites. A lot of them streaked across the sky pretty fast while one was peculiar; it was bright and in the distance and slowly dimmed with no tail. We had a good time out there. You should take another look tonight. There is supposed to be over a 50% increase in activity tonight. Also, just a hint, but if you go outside of the city limits by about 10 miles or so, you should be able to see infinitely more than from your front porch. I go out East Chester as if you were going out to Beach Bluff.

j razz

B Nettles said...

Alice and I got up about 2 am and went to look. Lots of stars, but the activity was too low. I stayed out longer than she and saw about 5 good streaks, one with the binoculars as I was looking at Andromeda (M31). A VERY clear night.