Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fisher-Price Toys Recalled: Lead-Based Paint

Fisher-Price has over 88 types of affected toys on the market and well over 1 million of those 88 toys are on the shelf or in your home. They were put on the shelf back in May '07 up to today so your children could very well be playing with these affected toys. Some of the affected toys include types of Elmo dolls, Diego toys, Big Byrd, and others.

You can see more here.

Some questions:
-Should there be tighter government regulations on imported toys?
-Or should there be tighter regulations that are self-imposed by Fisher-Price?
-With the recent issues hanging over China's exports, are you considering not buying items made in China?
-Does this affect your views of Fisher-Price? Will it affect your decision to buy their products in the future?
-How should the families who have purchased these items and allowed their children to play with them be compensated for this unfortunate predicament?

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