Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Caedmon's Call Overdressed CD

I preordered the Overdressed CD by Caedmon's Call and received it last week. It has quickly grown on me. There are four songs in particular that really cause one to think. 1. Trouble by Derek Webb 2. Expectations by Andrew Osenga and Randall Goodgame (I will comment more on this one later.) 3. Hold the Light by Andrew Osenga and Randall Goodgame 4. Ten Thousand Angels by Sandra McCracken (this is only on the special prerelease edition)

Here is a blurp from Expectations:
"That boy had the highest of expectationsAnd he heard that Jesus would fill him up. Maybe something got lost in the language. If this was full, then why bother? This was not the way it looked on the billboard, Smiling family beaming down on the interstate..." (Click on Expectations above to see the full lyrics.)

Here is a video of Derek Webb singing Trouble:

Some questions:
-What are your thoughts about the 4 songs posted above- especially in how it relates to their lyrics?
-Do you plan to purchase this cd?
-What are your thoughts of Derek Webb's guest appearance on this album?
-Do you think that most Christian music is lacking when it comes to lyrical integrity in how it relates to theological truths as portrayed in scripture?


Glenna Marshall said...

We got our Caedmon's CD's in the mail Monday(I'm not sure why they sent two exact same CD's for the price of $15, but okay.). I have barely listened to the album....just while I'm getting ready in the morning, but I like the sound of it so far. I will say that if Derek Webb wasn't appearing on this album, I wouldn't have bothered, probably. I think it's weird that he joined CC on this album, but I think they ended with a nice project. I'll have to give some more educated thoughts when I've listened to it more.

j razz said...


The 2 cds were part of the special offer for preorders. I think they want you to give one to someone :)

As for why Derek Webb joined up with them for this album, part of the reason is that Caedmon's Call signed with his label and he said it just felt right. He has no publicly acknowledged thoughts about returning to Caedmon's Call, but he did say that he would see where this goes.

You can listen to it here and also learn about why he wrote Wedding Dress along with other things.

j razz