Thursday, August 23, 2007

O'Charley's Restaurant Closed Due To Roaches.

The local O'Charley's was closed after failing health inspections over a two week span for the same violations. "There were some critical violations," Bell said. "When we inspected there was a presence of roaches, a problem that had not been fixed when we did a follow up." When the restaurant was called by the Jackson Sun to inquire about the report, the only comment given was that the restaurant was closed for remodeling and construction.

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-Why does the Health Department allow restaraunts to remain open when such violations occur?
-Would you eat at a restaraunt knowing that roaches were present in the cooking/prep. area?
-Two weeks went by before reinspection and the problem still existed; do you think the public should have been notified before the second inspection?
-If you live locally, does this affect you eating at O'Charley's?


Glenna Marshall said...

That's just nasty.

No, I would not eat in a restaurant if I knew they had failed their health inspection. I would wait for an all-clear. Unfotunately, they don't "grade" restaurants here and they sure don't make it public. I miss the "grades" that the restaurants got on the news in J-town.

misawa said...

Here in the Atlanta area (and possibly state-wide) they've been trying to pass a law that forces restaurants to post the grade on the front door, seemingly to avoid the person getting to the counter or hostess and seeing a less-than-desirable score, but staying anyway.

Thankfully, I have no shame (not sure my wife is so thankful), and therefore have no problem saying, "Excuse me" and leaving the restaurant.

We have an O'Charley's next to work, and will go there without a moment's hesitation. They've always received a perfect 100. I will think twice when biting in to something crunchy, though. :p

Pastor Klay said...

Well I guess there one spot off my to-do list next week!