Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Second Coming Has Arrived... In Miami

Last night I was watching the ABC Primetime show “Outsiders”. Several types of “outsiders” were discussed but the last one they focused on was a man from Puerto Rico claiming to be the second manifestation of Jesus Christ. He lives in the suburbs of Miami and has a house in Houston as well as Puerto Rico. He drives in luxury vehicles and wears Rolex watches. His message is this: Paul was the only biblical writer to get the message right. Paul’s message is this: There is no sin.
Jose de Jesus claims that there is no sin and no punishment outside of what is received here on earth. No Hell. No Satan. All will go to Heaven and all should enjoy the things of this world.
Jose de Jesus goes so far as to mock organized religion. He mocks the church and encourages his followers to get 666 tattooed on their bodies to show that it is meaningless. When asked why he keeps the monetary gifts and cars, etc. instead of giving the proceeds to the poor, he answered by saying that it would be wrong of him to give away something that someone gave to him. That would be offensive. When asked about those who deny him as being the embodiment of Jesus Christ, he simply stated, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. Why do they need forgiveness if there is no sin?

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-Does this surprise you?
-His past includes drug addictions, thievery and a DUI: how could someone think he would be God?
-If you are a Christian, how would you attempt to share the truth of the gospel with this man?
-What are your thoughts of his website (linked to his name)?

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Glenna Marshall said...

William and I watched this in disbelief last night. It made me SO very angry! I mean, to defame & blaspheme the name of Christ by claiming to be Him, and then coupling the name of Christ with SO MANY LIES and much sinful living, taking Scripture to mean nothing, grossly misquoting the apostle Paul....I could go on and on.
It literally made me sick to watch people fulfill prophecy by make fun of it. Wow.
I told William, "this guy should fear for his life."

He was really struggling for answers to some of the questions the reporter was asking him--I see that you noticed that (the forgiveness statement.) I mean....good grief. I was so angry about it that I had a dream about it last night and was just as furious and sickened in my sleep!
But, you know what...I prayed for his repentance and salvation. Besides defusing his lies if ever given the chance to talk with someone who believed him, the only thing I can do is pray for him. I also prayed for the people he is deceiving, who are clearly blinded while at the same time enjoying a "religion" that brings no feelings of guilt over sin. I guess it's attractive to the followers because everyone "gets to go to heaven" and sin "doesn't exist so you can live like you want". But I don't know HOW in the world anyone would believe half of the garbage that comes out of the mouth of such an obvious self-serving phony. His reasons for not giving away monetary gifts were very telling, I thought.

If I were able to talk with him, I would say that Scripture trumps his "visions" (of grandeur!!) and Scripture clearly teaches that Jesus was not a sinful man, and will in NO way return to live in Miami as a sinful man who lives only for himself. There is SO much wrong with what this man claims...I almost wouldn't know where to start, but I guess I'd have to start by somehow convincing him he's not God. Which begs the question, does he REALLY believe that he's God? Come on. He's simply a master deceiver, although I don't understand how anyone could seriously buy his garbage.

Thanks for posting on this...I was clearly outraged when I watched this.