Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day of Conception

That is what a region of Russia, called Ulyanovsk, governed by Sergei Morozov, has instituted to curb the population crisis. September 12 has been dubbed Conception Day. This holiday of sorts has been ongoing for the past 3 years. The population crisis they face is a world apart from China's problem of over population. Russia's population is decreasing and the government feels that motivation is needed to ensure the health of their country.

So why September 12th then? Well, 9 months later is June 12th and Russia's National Day. Those who give birth to a "patriot" on that day will win cars, cash, refrigerators, and other prizes. Earlier I posted on a state-sponsored sex camp which was utilized to promote procreation. What will come next in Russia's bid to increase the birth rate?

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-Do you agree with the incentive based conceptions?
-Is welfare an incentive for the poor having children here in America?
-A day off is given to procur children for this holiday and prizes are given to those who give birth 9 months later. Here in America, you do not have to work and as long as you have another child within the given time period you do not have to return to the workforce and you still get paid. How do you feel about that?


misawa said...

Uhhmm, so wouldn't it be a better idea to have, like a conception week? Month? Maybe have that preceded by a 50% off sale on satin sheets? Wine? Chocolate? Free massages?

(Stopping now before this goes in the gutter) :D

Glenna Marshall said...

So ONE day is going to repopulate the country? Hmmm....I find that doubtful. And strange.