Monday, July 30, 2007

Woman Robbed, Helps Catch Theif, Fired

Cynthia Lopez of Lodi, California was working the cash register at a gas station on the 11th of July when she was faced with a gun-toting robber who demanded all the money in the drawer. She handed over the money, 66 dollars, along with some lottery tickets and as he was leaving she caught the license plate number and took note of the man's appearance which later resulted in the arrest of the man and the getaway car driver. When she returned to work, she was fired for exceeding the $50 dollar drawer limit by $16.00. Her immediate manager who was there that day along with another employee who worked that day was fired as well. Lopez stated that she was told to keep up to $100 in her drawer to make change. Sarah Simpons, of the Tesoro Corporation stated that they have a zero tolerance policy on this and that is what resulted in the firings.

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-Does policy always apply or is their wiggle room for things like this?
-Should Lopez have been fired for listening to her superior regarding keeping $100.00 instead of the policies stipulated $50.00?
-Does this mean that we should not listen to our superiors, but only follow written policy?
-Do you find the firings fair based on what you know?


misawa said...

Zero tolerance = zero thought. Heaven forbid somebody within the company should have to weigh the evidence of any given situation and (gasp!) make a judgement call of their own. Sounds like Tesoro Corp is suffering from an incurable disease of stupidity.

I also think this wreaks of "blame somebody else for the crime" syndrome that is becoming more pervasive in our country. So, had the robber gotten away with $49 it would have been okay? Would they have then lowered the drawer total to $40? $30?

How much would we bet that they probably aren't allowed to defend themselves, either?

Tim Ellsworth said...

Well said, misawa. What an ungrateful -- and dumb -- thing for Tesoro to do.