Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Butts Held High At Place of Worship

I was listening to Sirius radio yesterday on my track back to the Kansas City Airport and was listening to Fox News. There was a morning show playing and the topic was concerning a Church in the Time Square area of New York City having a billboard hanging on its building displaying bare butts with smiley faces painted on them. The church did not want the billboard to be displayed, but the argument for the display is, "this is Time Square and the Billboard capital of the world". Pastor Neil Rhodes looks to put up a fight.

Now, as I was listening to the Fox News people give commentary on this, one of the ladies stated something along these lines (I could not find a transcript of the show), "If it brings in more people to church, what is wrong with that?"

You can read about the situation here.

Some questions:
-What is wrong with that?
-If this billboard draws a crowd and brings some in to hear the gospel, is that wrong?
-Does the end justify the means?
-If this was your church, would you have a problem with it?

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