Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Public Records Not So Public

Here in the Jackson-Madison County School System in Tennessee, there have been at least two schools that failed to meet the AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress). Due to the lawsuit that we are under that prevents our school system from governing itself, the federal government has stepped in and mandated certain regulations concerning bussing and a balanced system (equal number of blacks and whites in each school), thus doing away with neighborhood schools.

The two schools that have failed to meet AYP have not been disclosed to the public even though the administrators know which two schools they are. It would seem only fair to allow the public in on these public records so as to give ample time for the families affected to find alternate arrangements for schooling. This would be allowed as no lawsuit will enforce the above mentioned regulations if the school fails to meet AYP.

Some questions:

-What benefit would the administrators gain from holding on to the public records and keeping them from the public?
-If the schools that have failed to meet AYP are revealed and your child is affected, will you remove your child from that school?
-What actions can you as a parent take against the school system for withholding records?
-When a school system refuses to release public records, what action can the affected community take?

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