Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Does Doctrine Really Matter

Does Doctrine Really Matter is the title of an article put forth by John MacArthur in Pulpit Magazine. He opens up the article with this question:

Is it enough to “believe in Jesus” in some amorphous sense that divorces “faith” from any particular doctrine about Him, or is doctrine—and the content of our faith—really important after all?

MacArthur appears to hold to a position of faith without doctrine is dead, and indeed is no faith at all as noted below.

The attitude that scorns doctrine while elevating feelings or blind trust cannot legitimately be called faith at all, even if it masquerades as Christianity. It is actually an irrational form of unbelief.

And if you had any hope in being sincere in your belief, yet your belief not being firmly planted on doctrine, think again.

The content of our faith is crucial. Sincerity is not sufficient.

As a side note, there is a debate winding down over on Tim Ellsworth's blog (Post 1 & Post 2) as to whether Mormonism is Christianity. MacArthur would have a strong opinion on the subject as evidenced in the statements made here.

You can read more here.

Some questions:

-Is it enough to merely be sincere in what you believe?
-Can you believe in any "Jesus" you want as long as you believe in Jesus and still be covered by His substitutional atonement?
-How does emotions/feelings fit into Christianity?
-Does this challenge you to rethink what you define as Christianity?

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