Monday, July 30, 2007

Toll Road Meets Technology

The usual means of traveling a tow road involves stopping at a tow booth to pay funds or using a speed pass to navigate on through without stopping but still paying the bill in monthly installments.

All that could change if a company called Vehicle Occupancy gets their product into the hands of the government or private toll road owners. Their product, the Dtect system, uses infrared light to detect human flesh and then match up the head count with an algorithm that can detect whether the "face" matches the infrared image. What does this all mean? Toll road operators can now charge per head and get an accurate count, even at night.

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-What would be the benefit of charging per occupant as opposed to per vehicle or per axle?
-Does this cause you any privacy concerns?
-What do you see as a downfall to this system?
-Would you still use toll roads if the Dtect system was installed in your area?

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