Friday, July 13, 2007

First for Fridays

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misawa said...

If you find that a registered sex offender lives on your street or in your neighborhood, what do you do? Obviously, notifying neighbors, especially those with kids. But how should we, as Christians, conduct ourselves?

j razz said...

It is funny that you should ask that. There is one that lives right down the street from me. I found that out using the online database for sex offenders.

As for your question about conducting ourselves as Christians, I don't know that we would conduct ourselves any different than we would around strangers or anyone else who deals with sin. Now, does that mean that I let my wife wear skimpy clothing while doing yard work or wear a bikini while she walks down the street? No. We must be wise and not tempt them to sin.

misawa, would you care to expound on your question a little more if you were going in a different direction?

j razz