Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Unspeakable: Church Discipline

I first read about this article over on Ray VanNeste's site: Oversight of Souls. I thought it good enough to make mention of it here.

Church discipline has all but dissappeared in today's churches and it would seem we are not all the better for it.

Here are a couple of quotes: "When a man joined the church, he also voluntarily placed himself under the authority of his brothers and sisters, knowing they would keep watch over his life and rebuke or even exclude him if the occasion required. Churches usually held their conferences (or business meetings) once a month, and much of their time was taken up with matters of discipline—reproving this brother, restoring that one, appointing a committee to investigate this matter, or hearing a report about that one. They focused on such behavior as drunkenness, adultery, and fighting—public sins which brought scandal on the name of Christ."

"John L. Dagg once said, “When discipline leaves the church, Christ goes with it.” These are convicting words today, when the Church is being seduced by social correctness and reflexive tolerance. If she would reclaim her place as Christ’s herald on earth, she must first re-embrace her calling to be His spotless Bride."

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-What are your views on Church Discipline?
-Does Church Discipline have a place in modern day Churches?
-What are the negative effects of Church Discipline?
-Why was Church Discipline such an integral part of the Church up until the 1900's but no longer is?

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misawa said...

I would tend to agree with this assessment. Too many churches (in my opinion) nowadays seem to concern themselves more with attracting new members than taking care of the ones they already have.