Monday, July 16, 2007

Newly Ordained Deacon Charged With Taking Nude Photos & Videos of Underaged Girl

57-year-old Ralph Coffelt was appointed a deacon at 1st Baptist Church in Jasper, TN where he was to serve and meet the needs of those in the church. Today he is in jail with a $100,000 bond for especially aggravated exploitation of a minor. Allegedly, a young girl (possibly his own) told another member of the church about the photos and videos during a church camp the previous week.

You can read more here.

***UPDATE: The young girl is his 17 year old adopted daughter.***

Some questions:
-What punishment should this man incur if the charges against him hold?
-How should 1st. Baptist Church of Jasper respond to this?
-How should the broader Church respond?
-If you are not a Christian, how does this strike you?
-How should Churches safeguard against such things as this?

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