Monday, June 18, 2007

Teacher Teaching More Than What's on the Cirriculum

In Prescott, WI a 38 year old female substitute teacher was allegedly caught copulating with a 13 year old student by the student's father. The 13 year old was dating the substitute's daughter. The 13 year old boy took his mother's car for a nightime get together with the substitute teacher. The boy's father found the car and his child at the substitute's home. It was stated that the teacher was having sex with the child while the teacher's child and husband were at home. No details or statments have been released by or concerning the daughter and the husband who were there while this act occurred.

You can read more here.

Some questions:

-How can we prevent things like this from happening?
-Is it society's responsibility to prevent things like this or is it the parents or both?
-What penalty should the substitute's husband incur if he was privy to this going on?
-If this proves to be true, what punishment should the substitute incur? What punishment do you think she will incur?

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