Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dodgeball Charity Tournament

Dodgeball is alive and well in Jackson, TN. Our local NewsTalk Radio station has challenged several different organizations to a game of dodgeball that will lead to a double elimination tournament in August. Some of the teams they are playing are the Sheriff's Department (which they beat), the Police Department, the Madison County Commission, the Jackson City Council, WBBJ TV, the Diamond Jaxx Staff among others.

The event has been set up to raise charity funds for the opposing team's charity of choice. The first game against the sheriff's department resulted in a $600 purse that was given to Greensburg, KS as a way to help in the tornado relief efforts. Tonight's game against the police department will result in all proceeds going to the "Make a Wish Foundation". Several radio callers called in to the WNWS radio station yesterday pledging money for the cause. One caller said he would make up the difference up to $1,000 and another caller said he would match all gate proceeds dollar for dollar.

This event appears to be a great way to raise funds as well as a great way to see some of your local leaders and talk show hosts in action. Dodgeball is a great spectator sport believe it or not. So, if you are around Jackson, TN come out and watch the game, it is $5.00 at the door to get in or if you cannot, it will be live on WNWS.com at 7pm or you can buy a DVD of the game(s).

You can see the schedule here.

Some questions:

-How do you feel about elected officials getting out and playing in Dodgeball?
-Would you ever cheer on the County Commission or the City Council?
-Do you think that more events like this would be good for the community in that it builds community?
-Are you comming to any of the games?

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