Monday, June 11, 2007

Disability Checks a Thing of the Past?

The UK has published a report (Social Market Foundation Study SMF) showing that they have some 6.8 million people on disability. The report further states that this costs the UK taxpayers billions of dollars every year and that amount is only growing. If the UK is able to get these people back into the workforce, it could boost their economy by over 35 billion within the next 30 years.

The report stated that the most common disabilities are back pain, breathing problems or blood pressure and those who suffer from these disabilities should be able to reenter the workforce with "world class" skills by 2020 if a plan is put into place to rehabilitate the disabled. The study shows this would raise the 35 billion over the 30 year period as mentioned above.

The director of SMF who released the report states that, "Despite rising levels of employment for disabled people over recent years, too many are still without jobs and living in poverty as a result. Supplying disabled people with the skills they need is the missing link between ending child poverty, boosting the economy and getting more people off benefits and back into work. As this report shows, investing in disabled people's skills is a win/win situation for Government, creating massive dividends for the economy and delivering greater equality at the same time."

You can read more here.

Some questions:

-Do you think those on disability should be reintegrated into the workforce?
-Do you think a vast majority of those who are on disability are really not disabled? Please explain your answer.
-Could you see this as a benefit if it is instituted in America?
-Under the "Director of SMF" link above, there is another article on working past retirement age; what are your thoughts on that?

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