Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Elections, History and Politics

When did our electoral system turn into the beast it is today? The fundraising, the mudslinging (not just by the candidates but by the "unbiased" news), the stats, the polls, the electoral college... I wonder what our founding fathers' intentions were concerning this system? Surely they did not intend for the limitations placed on a potential nominee to include their income or ability to raise several millions of dollars did they? That would mean that only the rich or smooth talkers (reminescent of the snake-oil salesmen from days of old) would dare to apply. Even if you do have money and are a smooth talker, that does not guarantee anything today as the press has to see someway to sell their "news" to the public and if you are not a story, then the next candidate gets the headline.

So how were things done back when America was just a fledgling nation? Was it any better? See Article II, Section I of the Constitution.

Some questions:

-What are your thoughts on the progressive exclusivism of those who can hold office?
-How would you reform the system?
-What needs to be done to make things "even" and "fair"? Can it ever be?

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