Thursday, June 7, 2007

Genpets: A Consumer Product

Picture this: A living, breathing creature suspended in a form of hibernation hanging on your local Wal-Mart shelf just waiting for you to purchase one. Once you get it home, you take it out of its package, remove the life support system and wake it up. You have just purchased your first bio-engineered "pet". They have feelings and they think and they interact with you. Once you are done with them, just throw them away... afterall, they are just a product made for consumers, right?

The Genpet comes in 6 varieties to choose from: Athletic, adventurous, serene, playful, imaginative, and helpful. You just buy the one you feel is right for you. Once you get home, if you find out you selected the wrong one, just discard it and go buy a new one. If yours becomes diseased, simply throw it away and go pick out a fresh one.

You can read and see more here.

Some questions:

-What do you think about buying a disposable life-form?
-Do you think this blurs the lines of ethics and morals?
-Would you buy one? If yes, why? If no, why not?
-What are your thoughts about the concept?
-How does this make you feel?.

1 comment:

sandegaye said...

Totally frightening! No wonder we have a generation of kids growing up without conscience.
In this day of instant gratification.. this is the ultimate sadness.