Tuesday, June 12, 2007

President Bush Mugged in Front of Secret Service

Call it a slight of hand, call it thievery, whatever you call it, President Bush is out a watch.

While in Albania, President Bush spent some time with the citizens and allowed them to touch him. It was a very warming crowd and they all cheered for him... or at least that is opinion. They could have been cheering for the man who stole a watch right off of the President's wrist. We may never know, but rest assured, one man has a great story to tell his grandchildren and a watch to pass down for generations to come.

You can read, watch the video and see the pictures here.

Some questions:

-If this can happen, would it have been possible for someone to actually hurt the President?
-Looking at the pictures, does it appear safe the way they are touching him?
-How should the Secret Service prevent things such as this in the future?

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