Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Scandal in the NAACP: Allegations Against Richard Fields

I will not repeat the story, but apparently another blogger, Thaddeus Matthews, has come across some pretty damning information concerning a local Jackson and Memphis, TN NAACP lawyer Richard Fields. If the allegations prove true, it could very well lead to some big headlines nationally concerning both the NAACP and Richard Fields himself dealing with seduction, setups and corruption.

You can read about it here exclusively.

-Some questions:

-If what is stated on Thaddeus' blog is true, how do you think this will effect the black community? The white?
-How do you think it will affect the NAACP?
-What are your thoughts concerning the allegations?
-Do you think that Thaddeus has a vendetta against Mr. Fields?

UPDATE: I just listened to Thaddeus Matthews doing a local radio interview and he went so far as to call Richard Fields a racist and a rapist.
Also as a little background, Thaddeus is a self-proclaimed shock-jock and based out of Memphis, TN who is no stranger to controversy. He stated that if anyone has any questions or needs information on Richard Fields, feel free to contact him through his blog.

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