Monday, June 11, 2007

MMR Vaccine & its Link with Autism Goes to Trial

It has long been held by some of the parents of those with autistic children that the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR)Vaccine is the key to why their children are suffering with this socially debilitating syndrome. The preservative thimerosal seems to be the culprit as it is mercury based and an additive to the MMR vaccine as well as others. Soon and very soon, these parents will get their day in court. If the families win the court battle, they will be entitled to funds from a multibillion dollar trust fund.

To date, there have been no proven links between the vaccines containing thimerosal and autism.

You can read more here.

Some questions:

-To enter school, your child must have certain vaccinations. If they do not get the vaccines, they do not enter school. If the link between thimerosal and autism proves to be true, what would your thoughts be about the mandates passed down to you from the government for your children? Would you still abide by them?
-Do you think the government needs to do a better job of testing before mandating that parents must vaccinate?
-If your child has autism, do you think this link is legitimate?
-If this lawsuit includes you in it, what do you plan to do with your portion of the trust fund?


Le Canard Noir said...

Uh, all very well and good, but thimerosal is not a component of MMR. MMR is a live vaccine. Thimerosal, being a preservative, would kill it.

j razz said...

Yes you are correct and you can read more about it .here, .here and .here.

VinnyR said...

Erm, as the black duck says above, Thimerosal is not in MMR. Andrew Wakefield is the guy who advocated the theory that evidence of the measles virus in the gut of autistic children was evidence that MMR caused autism. However a member of his own team proved that this was not true and the test that Wakefield used was flawed (he actually ended up testing for ordinary human DNA, therefore measles wasn't present).

Here are some links to more evidence against MMR causing autism:

and many more from extremely educated people who know about MMR and how flawed Andrew Wakefields study was.

He basically said that there were traces of the measles vaccine in the gut of some autistic children. And somehow this then becomes a link to MMR? He then goes onto say that people should use single vaccines. How could that help? They would still be having the measles vaccine?

Further tests from one of Andrew Wakefields team (Dr Nick Chadwick) also proved that Andrew Wakefields conclusions were wrong. He actually found that there was no measles virus in the gut of the children, it was just simple DNA. Wakefield had forgotten to perform one step of the test.
You can find his testimony here: