Thursday, December 13, 2007

Who Killed Jesus?

In a New York City Subway a fight broke out in which several Jews were assaulted for allegedly greeting eachother with "Happy Hanukkah".

Authorities say the victims, two men and two women, were on a southbound Q train at Canal Street in Lower Manhattan when they were approached by the gang of 10 at around 11:15 p.m. Friday.
They were allegedly beaten up by the group in an attack now being investigated as a bias crime, because one is accused of shouting, "Hanukkah is when the Jews killed Jesus."

After the beating, the driver of the train allegedly refused to stop and a Sunni Muslim stepped in to help the Jews and he too was assaulted.

You can read more and watch the video here.

Some questions:
-Why did Jesus die?
-Who killed Jesus?
-What do you think about this Muslim helping a Jew?
-What are your feelings about this incident?
-If these men claim to be Christians, do you think they acted according to scripture in "defending" the honor of Christ?
-Does scripture speak to issues such as this?

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