Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pole Dancing On The Christmas Parade Route

Onlookers at a Marathon, FL Christmas Parade saw more than they bargained for in yesterday's parade. Normally Santa, elves, his reindeer and several other secularlized Christmas time favorites find their way into the parade route. This year though featured a float with what appeared to be a naked woman suggestively dancing on a float. See below:

Spectators at the Boot Key Harbor Lighted Boat Parade shielded their children from seeing women clad in white body stockings gyrating seductively on the parade float's mast, the Florida Keys Keynote said Thursday.
"This woman is all bent over, totally naked and doing a dance you see in Key West," an elementary school teacher watching the parade told the newspaper. "It was one of the most vulgar things I've ever seen."
Judges disagreed, telling complainers, "If you don't like it, just sit down and shut up. The kids shouldn't be here, anyway."

You can read more here.

Some questions:
-Is there anything wrong with a woman doing this at a Christmas Parade?
-Are the judges right? Kids shouldn't be there anyway?
-What would you say to a judge who told you to sit down and shut up if you don't like it?
-If you have had your children there, how would you have responded?
-What are the purpose of Christmas Parades?


Anonymous said...

Kids shouldn't be at a Christmas parade? I've often wondered what a Christmas parade is suppose to be fore, but I'd have to say that I would think it was primarily for kids to view. I've never seen one without kids present.

I guess I would have left Sodom and not looked back. ;-)

Timm said...

Funny that you should mention Sodom. I know that Marathon is near Key West, but I'm not sure how close to Key West's culture it is. I'd say that Key West might be the closest thing to Sodom this Country's got. If the culture in Marathon is anything close, the judge is right. Kids have no business being there at all, let alone going to a parade.