Monday, December 3, 2007

Hitler Is In Heaven (As Is All Of Humanity)

While watching a Dateline MSNBC special Saturday on Carlton Pearson that is a statement I heard.

A little boy who grew up in a lineage of Pentecostalism, who preached his first “sermon” at the age of 5 in front of an upside down trash can, who found favor with Oral Roberts himself and was told that God had something special in store for him, has received a new revelation as it pertains to Hell. Carlton Pearson, while watching a tv program on starving African children, came to the conclusion that these were probably Muslims and they were going to Hell. This burdened him and the more he started looking at the Greek, the more he realized that it did not always match up with the King James Version of the Bible. This troubled him and eventually led to his new belief that Hell is the life we live currently and after this life all dues are paid for our one way trip to Heaven. That’s right. No matter how evil or bad or horrible we are, regardless of whether we accept Christ or not, we all go to Heaven. Muslim, Jew, Atheist, Agnostic, Buddhist, Hindu, New Age… all are welcome into those pearly gates.

What came next for Carlton was something he was not expecting. The very man who took Carlton under his wing was now rejecting his new teaching. Oral Roberts stated that he has wept for Carlton and longs for him to return to the truth while others embrace his new teaching. Carlton is not giving up though as he has seen growth in his congregation and has been encouraged by those who support him, but none-the-less it breaks his heart that he has been rejected by Oral Roberts.

During the Dateline MSNBC interview, Carlton Pearson never expressed where this thought came from except that it started with a television program and his understanding of the Greek text. No texts were given, no biblical references were made as to how he supports this “gospel without a savior” (which he calls the gospel of inclusion) and no time was given as to how he defends such a point of view. It makes one to wonder if his new gospel has any foundation on which to build.

You can read more here (Videos are included in the link).
See Carlton Pearson's "church" page here.

Some questions:
-Do you like the inclusiveness of his gospel?
-Should what we like factor into what is proclaimed as truth?
-How is it that every biblical scholar from the 1st century until now has gotten this doctrine of salvation wrong and Carlton Pearson is the first to get it right?
-Would God be just in allowing Stalin and Hitler and other unrepentant murders into Heaven?
-What would you say to Carlton Pearson?

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