Thursday, December 20, 2007

First For Fridays

I hope you all get to spend some great time with family while pondering on the great miracle that occurred for us to have this holiday season. May Christ be honored and our Father in Heaven glorified.

This will probably be my last post until Wednesday.
By the way, this year we chose to let someone else make our Christmas picture as opposed to me doing it. If you like it, take a look at Sarah Ellsworth's site. She is a very talented, modest, budding photographer/designer.


Pastor Klay said...

Merry Christmas bro!

Though you might want to know that jrazzcreations form feed is malfunctioning. Wanted to know where that article on blue vs. red ray technology was.

j razz said...

When you say "form feed" what do you mean? The "Questions?" link?

The Benefits of HD can be found right above the middle of the picture on the index page or here.

j razz

Pastor Klay said...

Yes, the "Questions" link.