Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2008 New Year Predictions

1. What do you think should be the number one concern for the peoples of the world this upcoming year?

2. Should the people be concerned about world-wide food/water shortages?

3. What do you think will be the best thing to happen this upcoming year in regards to the world as a whole?

4. Who do you think will win the presidency of the United States of America?

5. Will any cures/vaccinations be found for any major diseases?

6. Will any major scientific discoveries be achieved this year?

7. Do you think the God debate will be concluded this year (is there or isn't there a God)?

8. What would be one major factor that could happen in 2008 that will change the ebb of history forever?

9. Do you think that global warming will be proven a farse or true in '08?

10. How do you plan on making a difference for the betterment of the world in 2008?

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B Nettles said...

All these answers are aside from the #1 concern of all: What think ye of Jesus of Nazareth?

1. A political alliance between Russia and Iran.

2. Not unless the US sells all its corn to China to make ethanol.

3. Hillary Clinton does not win the White House.

4. Not Hillary.

5. Yes, smallpox will be eradicated in the US...what? It already has? YESSS.
Seriously, real improvements (not speculative links) in preventing 1st time heart attacks will be made.

6. Microsoft will introduce an operating system for PC's that works.

7. The debate was over years ago, but the Battle of New Orleans is still being fought.

8. Aside from Biblical prophecy coming to fruition, another serious attack by foreign terrorists within the US occurs, is proven to be sponsored by a foreign state, and the US retaliates.

9. No.

10. Use more CFL's (the environment needs more Hg), grow flowers (more O2, less CO2, added N-P-K to the ground water), continue to save trees by not subscribing to the Jackson Sun.