Thursday, December 13, 2007

DivX On The PS3: The Rumors Are True

The below is taken from a DivX newsletter:

You may have heard the news about PlayStation 3 support for DivX video. Well, pop the bubbly because it's true. We have indeed made a deal with Sony to add DivX video playback to their popular PS3 gaming console.
And that's all you get for now. While I wish I could answer the most obvious question and tell you exactly when the DivX-laden updates will be released, I can't. Sorry. I know it's a little out of character for gamers, but try to be patient. I mean, you could always go play a game while you wait. I hear Mrs. Pac Man is fun ... the boards change! Imagine that.

That is great. No more round about ways to get DivX to play on the PS3. Here is what I have been doing in case anyone is interested in playing back DivX or a plethora of other files on your PS3. I have been using Nero Ultimate 7 with its media home server and Nero Scout additions to transcode files on the fly and stream them wirelessly to the Playstation 3 for playback on the television. It works great and with the latest updates the only thing I cannot get to work is the DivX HD files. I hope that the officially supported update will include this ability.

Here are two links with two different options of playing media from your PC to your TV via the PS3 (media that Windows Media Server will not recognize). Enjoy!

Option 1: Tversity (free)
Option 2: Nero Ultimate 7 (free if you already own Nero Ultimate 7 or 8)

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