Monday, December 17, 2007

Misawa Graduates!

Since Misawa has graduated maybe his posting will pick up :) If you have yet to visit his blog, it is usually filled with great posts and he always finds a clever way of putting things. Go through and look at some of his past posts. Just to give an example, here is part of one for your perusing.

You've been there before. We all have. You're in a theater enjoying a movie or a play. You've already seen and heeded the polite request to silence your cell phones. Sure, inevitably one goes off, things are mumbled about the person's mother or something about bamboo reeds and fingernails, but if the movie is truly good enough, you soon have your attention redirected and no longer care about the Oblivion that can't find the off mode of their electronic ball and chain.
Then, below and to the side, a large firefly appears. Then another. Then another. Soon, what was once darkness only lit by the flicker on the screen is awash in a pale blue glow of cell displays. Thinking it is simply the death screen as they are being switched off, you ignore it... til you realize they're not going away. They're texting. Everybody.
You've just encountered an Obliviot. This is a special kind of oblivion - a person who walks through their daily life with no idea whatsoever...

You can finish the post here.


misawa said...

Dude, I just caught this post! In all the hullabalew of family, graduating, Christmas, vacationing, and sadly, suffering The Worst Cold Ever, I guess I missed a lot of posts!

Thanks for the plug.

j razz said...

No problem. Glad you are graduated. What's next for you?

j razz

misawa said...

Work, work, work, baby. Maybe try to squeeze in a videogame or three.