Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Why The Mass Appeal?

Two girls go at it in a locker room. Somebody stands by with a camera phone and records the brawl... to post on Youtube. Now the video has thousands of views and is growing in popularity. What is the appeal? Why are we drawn to such things and "entertained by them? Rest assured the Norwood Middle School girl who suffered the beating and her family are not entertained by it.

Here is the News Clip.

Here is the raw video taken from a mobile phone.


Susan Hunt said...

Yeah, this sickens me. The appeal? Good question...you've got me thinking. It's like in high school whenever a fight would occur...people would run to the scene to watch eagerly...and only the few brave ones would step in to actually intervene, while the others simply egged it on. Maybe we are all suckers for cheap entertainment? Maybe our "nature" shows us that we would rather watch another's humiliation rather than oppose it? Scary.

j razz said...

I think you are on to something Susan. Good thinking.

j razz