Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Neighborhood News

If you have ever looked at my links on the right hand side you would have seen these two: Amend ETS and Oversight of Souls (Ray Van Neste) as included in that list. I am adding another one today: DennyBurk.com. Denny Burk and Ray Van Neste are the backbone behind the ETS amendment and I would encourage you to visit there sites and take a good look at Amend ETS.

As for Burk, he tends to have some pretty lively discussion on his blog; several in the past two weeks have received over 50 comments and the conversations are meaningful and usually thought out. There are multiple viewpoints expressed and a variety of beliefs when it comes to scripture or cultural issues. If you haven’t visited, please do. By the way, he is the only Christian Studies professor who I have ever met who has pictures of himself on his blog header doing jumps on a skateboard.

Here is a recent post by him on college football (his topics can vary widely) the video of Trinity University's football team is included above.


Laz said...

I think that game was a college game, nevertheless that play was insane

j razz said...

Your right Laz. I made the correction above.

j razz