Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Flea Markets: Are They Equal To Mini Malls?

He says his is. Be sure to watch some of the other videos where people have gone to the flea market to do the dance and sing the song with him.

Some questions:

Ah, I don't have any- just watch :)


Randy said...

He ain't got nothin on Friendly Frank.

j razz said...

I don't know, I have never seen friendly frank dance :)

j razz

TheTonyDanzaAllstar said...

I don't know if all flea markets are just like mini-malls, but I know this one is. I'd shop there.

Susan Hunt said...

I would go there just to meet this guy--only if he would do a live rendition of "flea market/mini mall"...haha--hilarious!