Friday, October 26, 2007

First For Fridays

A Dilemma: You are asleep and then you here the fire alarm beep once and declare that its battery is low somewhere during the night hours. You go back to sleep only to be awakened again in about 3 minutes with the same beep and declaration. Do you

A. Ignore it and sleep for another 2.5 minutes and repeat throughout the night?
B. Get up, turn the light on, get out the step ladder, find two batteries, open up the smoke detector as it beeps and declares it is low on batteries, replace batteries, figure out how the top screws back on, put away the step ladder, turn the light off and go back to bed after stairing at bright light and hearing loud beeps for all of 10 minutes.
C. Shut the door and turn the fan on high to block out the noise.
D. Take a baseball bat to it and worry about getting a new one tomorrow.


Tim Ellsworth said...

I probably get up, take the batteries out of the smoke detector and worry about installing new ones the next day.

Susan Hunt said...

I'm afraid I may not hear it beeping in the first place...
I'm curious though...what DID you do?

j razz said...

I did E. None of the above as I did not realize it was going off. I vaguely remember something happening but as the beeps and message were so far apart it was not enough to wake me from my deep slumber. Now, my wife on the other hand, she chose B. :)

j razz