Wednesday, October 31, 2007

God Is The Gospel

Christ did not die to forgive sinners who go on treasuring anything above seeing and savoring God. And people who would be happy in heaven if Christ were not there, will not be there. The gospel is not a way to get people to heaven; it is a way to get people to God. It's a way of overcoming every obstacle to everlasting joy in God. If we don't want God above all things, we have not been converted by the gospel.

The above is an excerpt from God Is The Gospel by John Piper pg. 47.

You can read it all for free here or here.
You can read different blog reactions to this book by following the links here.
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Some questions:
-What do you think about the statement quoted above?
-If you read the reaction by Eternal Perspectives, does he make a good argument against Piper's view?
-If you agree with the statement above, how does it impact you? How should it impact you?