Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Another Day In The Neighborhood

Tim Ellsworth has this thing about College Football ratings, Doofus Dads and a still active topic discussing what started out as abortion and has grown to include a parallel of IVF.

Oversight of Souls (Ray VanNeste) recently posted on how the public sharing of testimonies builds up the community of believers and encourages fellowship.

This Life (Susan Hunt) is finding joy with the children at church and has found a new found joy in The Office.

Coffee Refills (Kellye Rachel) has, is having, and probably will have for a long time (until she updates her blog) a stupid pc and is in a perpetual state of failing eye exams.

Sword & Trowel (Klay Aspenwall) is having identity issues: help him to decide if he should have a beard or not.

Last Row is dealing with the problem of pain and immigration issues as they relate to Mexico (seeing how their president recently had something to say about the US’s immigration issues)

Challies is currently taking God at his word

Misawa’s Musings last post contained laser beam wielding ants, a moat around his house and triceratops poo.

Please Don’t Call Me For Advice (Glenna Marshall) is reminiscing about her school days and reflecting on the children she is teaching.

Not Your Typical Negro talks of Marion Jones and her recent admission of guilt for steroid use as well as pulling the race card.

And that my friends is what is going on in the blogs I visit regularly. Take a look and enjoy.


Susan Hunt said...

haha...this is great..thanks for the "plug"

misawa said...

Thanks for plugging me in with this group. Let's see... college football, deep spiritual thoughts, immigration, all great topics.

And then there's me. And my triceratops poo. Just call me classy. ;-)

j razz said...


It is always interesting trying decipher your blogs!

j razz